About the project

The project was created by Alexander Makarov to simplify checking out various PHP intl / ICU / CLDR data which is mainly used in translation strings without the need to check different websites and search huge data tables for locale you need.

Instead you can enter locale code and get all the info for just that locale right away.

It was then improved by Carsten Brandt to display more ICU data.

What's currently displayed:

Are examples broken?

There are known issues with PHP intl extension regarding usage of named parameters such as {n}. Severity of issues depends on PHP and intl versions used. The primary goal of the project is to serve as info source for using with Yii 2.0 framework which provides wrapper around intl allowing usage of named parameters in all possible cases.

If you're not using Yii, try positional placeholders such as {0} instead.

Source code, issue and pull requests

Source code is available at GitHub. Feel free to submit issues and pull requests.